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Metallbälge & Wellbälge

Hydro formed bellows

Our metal bellows are available in a remarkable precision and may be supplied in a wide range of welded or seamless designs and bottom shapes. Specialized as manufacturer for hydroformed metal bellows we supply those made of different nonferrous metals, stainless steels and other alloys – e.g. for pressure switches or valve stem assemblies

Precision tubes & Deep drawn tubes

Deep drawn tubes

Thin-walled tubes with customized endings – manufacturing of seamless tubing – consistent low tolerance for measuring and controlling devices or as basis for metal bellows that meet the most exact spring rate required

Metallkompensatoren & Edelstahlkompensatoren

Stainless steel expansion joints

Metal bellows expansion joints made of seamless or welded thin-wall tubing – Metal bellows assemblies with flanges – customer specific mid-to large-scale production – e.g. for vibration isolation or hermetical sealing of High-vacuum systems

The product range of Mera Bellows

At Mera Bellows, we are specialized in the production of custom engineered high-precision metal parts: Our deep-drawn seamless tubing is used as a basis to manufacture hydro formed bellows and thin-walled expansion joints for numerous industries that demand long-lasting, maintenance-free and non-leaking components.
Since 2000, Mera Bellows Sp. z o.o. is part of a German Holding company and certified according to ISO-9001 & ISO-14001. The firm’s lean-manufacturing approach guarantees industry competitiveness and continuous improvement. Metallographic examination and different possibilities for stress-analysis, spring rate measurement, and life cycle testing help during prototyping phase and finally ensure that only excellent bellows are supplied in series production.

Deep drawn tubes for seamless precision bellows

The core of a high-quality corrugated bellows is the thin-walled tube of which it is made. Therefore, metal bellows manufacturers must pay rigorous attention to low tolerances of the intermediate products. Using bellows as stainless steel expansion joints (compensators) to absorb movements, welded tubing may be sufficient. To reach highest accuracy, very long cycle-life or for usage in ultra-high vacuum equipment, we often advise seamless designs to best meet the requirements – many bottom shapes are possible that simplify the installation.
At Mera Bellows, only raw material with origin of the European Union is used. Continuous production control is applied. In repetitive cycles of annealing, deep-drawing and washing processes, from the initial metal strip (coil) we achieve the final tube.

Hydro formed metal bellows for cost-effective solutions

The process of hydroforming is ideal for large-scale manufacturing. The convolutions are formed in a time saving one step process – using a bellows-specific cassette that defines the final corrugation structure – having an impact on the performance characteristics, such as stroke or spring-rate. For high-pressure applications, two-ply designs should be considered.

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