Seamless tubes made by Mera Bellows:

Precise deep-drawing guarantees low tolerances


Mera Bellows tubes are seamless and their closed end can be formed in almost any way. If open-ended thin-wall tubes are requested, we can cut the bottom. Wall-thicknesses start from 0.064mm. Due to our manufacturing techniques, it is possible to achieve precisions as low as 0.1 mm to 0.4 mm in diameter and of 0.004 to 0.015 mm in wall thickness. Our deep-drawn tubes are suitable for further plastic deformation.


Mera Bellows produces thin-wall tubes up to a length of 450 mm in bronze, brass, stainless steel, monel or beryllium-copper alloys. Precision tubes in copper or Ni-Cr-Mo alloys are not part of our product portfolio.


The chart shows the tube sizes that Mera Bellows is able to produce.
The tube-length “L” is plotted against the diameter “D” and the wall thickness “d”.


Measurement instruments, medical engineering, plug connections, heating and AC systems, liquid distribution, drive technology


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