Mera Bellows is one of the leading worldwide manufacturers
of hydroformed metal bellows, expansion joints and deep-drawn tubes



To ensure full customer satisfaction, the company employs about 100 people, 20% of which responsible for engineering and quality control. Our large-scale production site in Poland allows us an annual fabrication of metal bellows and expansion joints in the double-digit million range, for international customers operating in a wide range of sophisticated industries.

Our products

Seamless metal bellows - Hydroformed seamless precision bellows

Metal bellows

Hydroformed seamless precision bellows of brass, bronze, stainless steel and special alloys

Seamless tubes made by Mera Bellows: Precise deep-drawing guarantees low tolerances

Precision tubes

Deep-drawn tubes with ultra-low wall-thicknesses

Metallic compensators: Absorb axial, angular and lateral movements

Metal expansion joints

Bellows expansion joints of stainless steel, monel & special alloys – formed from seamless or seam-welded tubing