Metallic compensators:

Absorb axial, angular and lateral movements


Where piping designs are subject to thermal expansion, vibration or pressure, Mera Bellows metal expansion joints help to maintain the integrity of the system. Our bellows expansion joints are characterized by long lifecycle and can be manufactured in different ways.


Specialization into small compensator sizes with the highest precision

Mera Bellows precision expansion joints can demonstrate their strength in a wide variety of applications with dimensions and pressure characteristics according to customers‘ demands. In our large-scale production we focus on relatively small wall-thickness and sizes of metal expansion joints.


Product diversification through the supply of seamless and welded constructions

Not all applications necessarily require the advantages of seamless constructions. As a matter of cost effectiveness, we added seam-welded metal expansion joints to the product portfolio that are available in a wide variety of materials.


Stainless steel expansion joints

High temperature variation, especially when occurring with large temperature gradients (e.g. observable in exhaust systems), accelerates material fatigue. For such applications, temperature-change resistant stainless steel is the first choice.



Vibration isolation systems; compensation of cyclical movements in multiple directions, caused e.g. by motors, turbines, pumps or compressors; absorption of movements in pipe systems; flexible elements in solar thermal technology; air conditioning systems.


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Metal expansion joints are used to absorb axial, angular and lateral movements