Mera Bellows: Bound to Quality


Our Main Idea

”Kaizen” is Japanese and stands for “Continuous Improvement”. This is the maxim that we follow. Mera Bellows Sp. z o.o. places great value of providing only products of excellent quality. For us that means to fulfill all expectations and requirements of our customers to their utter satisfaction. To attain this goal, the quality awareness and engagement of our employees is of particular importance. A part of their job is the constant examination of agitation, workflows and products, to scrutinise them and if possible to improve them. Customer feedback is important for us to constantly improve our services. That’s why our partners are surveyed on a regular basis to determine their level of satisfaction. You tell us how to improve. And we will do.


Realization of the QA-Measures

Mera Bellows monitors its manufacturing processes completely. Starting with a thorough inspection of the incoming metal strips to the monitoring of the intermediate products and all the way to the 100% final control. With this comprehensive and transparent quality observation and analysis, almost no failure is overlooked by the well-trained personnel of our Quality Control department. It assures that irregularities are not only noticed before shipping, but immediately during the production if a problem would occur. FMEA, MSA, PPAP, SPC, 5S and other Core tools of ISO TS-16949 have been implemented during the last years in order to satisfy our customers’ quality standards. It’s always a good idea to review the finer design details of your application with us as experienced bellows supplier early in your design process so that we exactly understand your needs.


Lifecycle testing

To verify the durability of metal bellows, Mera Bellows is able to perform life-cycle tests. To do this the bellows are compressed and then relaxed in our testing machine until they finally fail. On the one hand, we are able to guarantee durability with this procedure, and on the other hand, we can hastily identify and fix all potential nonconformities.


Spring rate testing

In computerized test device or manual testing.


Leak testing

Automatized pneumatic measurement or water bath leak testing.


Other test procedures

The quality of material that is used by the producer is a crucial factor to guarantee that the metal bellows achieve your expected lifecycle and perform sustainably. With the help of other test devices Mera Bellows can observe grain size, tensile strength and material hardness.



Certification according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Since February 2005 Mera Bellows is ISO 9001 certified. In order to demonstrate our efforts to protect our environment, we additionally implemented a certification according to ISO 14001 in February 2009. Regular audits of demanding international Corporations confirm our business practices.


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Innovation Award 2019