Our products

Metallbälge & Wellbälge

Hydro formed bellows

Our metal bellows are available in a remarkable precision and may be supplied in a wide range of welded or seamless designs and bottom shapes. Specialized as manufacturer for hydroformed metal bellows we supply those made of different nonferrous metals, stainless steels and other alloys – e.g. for pressure switches or valve stem assemblies

Precision tubes & Deep drawn tubes

Deep drawn tubes

Thin-walled tubes with customized endings – manufacturing of seamless tubing – consistent low tolerance for measuring and controlling devices or as basis for metal bellows that meet the most exact spring rate required

Metallkompensatoren & Edelstahlkompensatoren

Stainless steel expansion joints

Metal bellows expansion joints made of seamless or welded thin-wall tubing – Metal bellows assemblies with flanges – customer specific mid-to large-scale production – e.g. for vibration isolation or hermetical sealing of High-vacuum systems

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